Mail Services

Many small businesses overlook the importance of their email address and it’s not unusual to receive an email from a free generic email account as provided by Hotmail or Google Mail.  This not only looks unprofessional but it doesn’t inspire the recipient with confidence – after all if the business is cutting corners with their email what else are they not doing correctly.

It is important to have a generic Hotmail or Google Mail account that you can check from time to time to keep your business and private emails separate – it also helps as an address of last resort if there are issues with your main mail accounts but a generic should not be your main source of contact or response.

We can provide a range of solutions to your email problems at competitive prices, such as setting you up with an Alias mail account, forwarding your email to another address or on to a mail box. Our email services include spam and virus filtering, white and black lists as well as webmail – we don’t do bulk emails so if you want to send spam then we are not the provider for you.