Global Domain Registration

When you register a domain you are also entering into a contract with NameCheap and the relevant naming authority, in this case ICANN. These are separate contracts to any you may have with us or a third party for the provision of Internet Services. Please read our Terms and Conditions and NameCheap’s Terms and Conditions before registering or renewing your domain.

There could also be additional restrictions to some domains therefore you are must read NameCheap’s Supplemental Agreement along with any other Registry agreement(s) mentioned which relate to the chosen domain.¬† Again, these agreements are separate to any which you may have with us or other third party for Internet Services.

Once the registration of a domain has been accepted we regret that we cannot refund the domain fee if you change your mind. In addition, if we are required to change the actual domain name because of your mistake (e.g., you provided us with an incorrect spelling), a further charge will be incurred for the new registration. If the change was our mistake, you will not be charged again.

 Country Code Domains

A country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is where you have the a particular country’s suffix at the end of your domain instead of the usual endings, e.g., (which is Australia) instead of¬† Some of the ccTLD’s have additional contractual requirements that you agree to by registering domain names from those registries. You are responsible for reviewing any terms and conditions provided by these registries which can be found here