What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting gives a platform from which a website can operate and it gives you an effective use for your domain name.  If you were to type in your new domain name into a browser e.g.,, nothing would display except an error message stating that the name entered is not assigned to an ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) server. The server is  the platform on which a website lives. This continually maintains and displays each persons website visibly to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hosting can also cater for the forwarding and holding of your emails. For email services trundle along to here.

Our Services

We have several shared servers and we can also provide dedicated servers from as little as £15.00 +VAT pcm.  We don’t provide hosting and leave you to it – we provide a managed hosting service.  This means that you and our other customers on the server don’t have the ability to log in and disrupt other users of the server.  If you want full admin and access rights to the server we recommend using a dedicated server.

We provide a hosting service for your website.  Our focus is on Open Source applications including Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl, MariaDB, WordPress, SQLite and GNU C.  We don’t use Microsoft or Apple products on our systems.  If you have a standard website that uses LAMP then we can probably host it on our servers.

None of our managed servers have customer login access or server management software.  We manage the servers and we control what is on them – this means that you can be sure that anything that we install on the server won’t compromise it’s integrity and your site won’t be affected by other customers who may be using the server.