.uk Domain Registration

When you register a domain name you are entering into a contract with the relevant domain registry, which is a separate contract to what you will have with us or a third party supplying you with other Internet Services. Before registering or renewing a domain please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions as well as Nominet’s Terms and Conditions.

Nominet also put additional restrictions on registrations in some second level domains. For example, the suffixes .ltd.uk and .plc.uk are reserved for companies who are registered as a Limited or Public Limited Company. When applying for these names Nominet will contact Companies House and do manual searches to establish if you are the company who own the rights to that business title. Nominet are extremely strict as to how your name must appear.  For example, if Joseph Bloggs Ltd wanted to register this name, we would need to submit the application for josephbloggs.ltd.uk. The name could not be shortened in any way i.e., joebloggs.ltd.uk, only the full registered name is acceptable.

Once we have registered a .uk domain on your behalf we cannot refund you for the domain if you change your mind. However it may be possible to change a domain name registered in error (e.g., where you made a spelling mistake when providing us with the domain name) free of any additional charge, provided we are able to cancel the domain name before the 7th day of the month following its registration. If we register a domain name incorrectly because of our mistake, you will not be charged again for changing the registration no matter when you inform us.


Every domain will require renewing at some point and its renewal date is usually the anniversary of registration. So that you don’t have to carry these dates around in your head or on bits of paper, as part of our management of a domain, we send out automated emails as a reminder to you.  The email will invite you to contact us to arrange for renewal and will tell you how to do this.  As you will be re-entering into a contract with Nominet (.uk domain registry) and ourselves it will also ask you to review their terms and conditons as well as our own before you commit to renewing.  The schedule for the emails is as follows:

  • 60 days before expiry date;
  • 30 days before expiry date;
  • 21 days before expiry date;
  • 14 days before expiry date;
  • 7 days before expiry date
  • then every day after until 7 days after the expiry date.

You can stop these reminders any time by contacting us to either renew or stating that the domain is no longer wanted. Should you not wish to keep the domain then it will be left to be cancelled by Nominet, which takes place approximately 90 days after expiry. When cancelled it becomes available again to anyone on a first come, first served basis.

Expired Domains

Several things happen once a domain is passed it’s expiry date.  The first is that, if you are using our nameservers, these will be de-activated upon expiry. You will still receive reminders from us for a further 7 days (as shown above) but Nominet will also send out a reminder inviting you to renew the domain (unless you have asked us to mark the domain as not being required).  Unless you contact us to advise otherwise the domain will be left to be cancelled. To get a better understanding of Nominet’s cancellation procedure please view their renewal procedure.