We provide a range of services relating to Internet Domains.

We have been a Nominet Registrar since 2001 allowing us to directly register .uk domain names.  All domains are registered to fully comply with Nominet’s Terms and Conditions and Data Quality Policy.

We offer a managed service with help and guidance, working with you to effectively manage your domains.  We aim to look after your domains and provide you with a service that enables you to keep control of it.

We don’t just do .uk domains – we also register and manage international top level domains such as .com, .net and .org, to name a few.  If you require anything specific please contact us.

As we are not a Registrar for these domains we use a third party supplier to manage our registrations and our current supplier is NameCheap. Again we apply best practice principles and adhere to NameCheap’s Terms and Conditions as well as the relevant Naming Authority’s ( ICANN) Terms and Conditions to ensure that your domains are registered and managed correctly.

Our prices are competitive and we believe we can offer a faster and more efficient management service to support your daily needs.

WHOIS Maintenance.

The WHOIS is a database which allows anybody to view the data attached to a domain name.  On registering/renewing a domain you are agreeing to abide by the relevant Naming Authority’s terms and conditions, part of which is ensuring that the domain’s data is up-to-date, correct and verifiable.  It is the registrant’s responsibility to inform us of any changes to this data and, should the domain be registered/renewed for longer than 1 year, we will contact you on an annual basis to ensure the data is correct. Should you not inform us of any changes then you risk losing control of the domain^.  Only the named registrant, or where informed their representative, is allowed to alter any information relating to a domain name*.

^ Nominet’s Terms & Conditions

^ICANN’s Terms & Conditions


*We can only change these details if the domain is on our tag. We reserve the right to request documentary evidence to verify any details before changes are made to a domain name.