.uk Transfers

If you wish to transfer your .uk domain to us, our registrar tag is IIRC. We would be delighted to manage your domain but as a courtesy we would ask that you let us know by sending an email to with the subject line of “Transfer In” before you initiate the transfer. Please follow the instructions of your existing registrar to change the tag (which can also be referred to as an IPS tag).

Please note that we initiate what’s known as a “handshake” when receiving requests for a .uk domain. This means that we receive an email telling us that a domain wants to use our tag and we have up to 5 days to accept it, though we try to do this within 24-48 hours. This is so we can check that the domain’s data has been verified and accepted by Nominet. Should the data not be correct and therefore unverified then we would decline the transfer. We strongly advise you to make any necessary changes before you wish to transfer a domain to us. We will accept domains with unverified data but we would charge an administration fee to correct the data to pass Nominet’s verification process.

Transfers of Global Domains

If you wish to transfer your domain name from your current provider to us then please contact us.  The process is generally straight forward for us to do with your help and we can talk you through the stages which you need to go through before we can manage your domain.

Please note that you CAN NOT transfer your domain name to a new registrar within the first 60 days after initial registration, or the first 60 days after a transfer.

Registrars of these domains usually place a  “Registrar Lock” on your domain name services and this prevents your domain name services from being transferred without your authorization, though they are not required to do so. By allowing your domain name services to remain locked, you are providing an express objection to any and all transfer requests until the lock is removed. To transfer your domain name you need to log into your account with your current provider to unlock the domain name and/or to obtain the EPP “AuthCode”, which is required to transfer domain services in an EPP registry (such as .org). Only the registrant and the administrative contacts listed in the WHOIS information may approve or deny a transfer request. Transfer requests typically take five business days to be processed. Other conditions may apply before a transfer can be initiated and you should read ICANN’s transfer policy, which is available here, in conjunction with NameCheap’s terms and conditions.