Domain Registration and Renewal

We register and renew domains on your behalf.  Please read our Terms & Conditions if you are considering purchasing a domain or wish to renew your existing domain.



We can host your website, mail or domain on our servers giving you the peace of mind of a service fully managed by experts. If you don’t like the idea of sharing a server contact us to discuss our dedicated server platform options.


Name Service

All domains managed by us or registered by us include the nameserver hosting.

We can configure and manage DNSSEC for your domains – this includes key generation and management – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can transfer* a domain in to us – if it’s a UK domain our IPS Tag is IIRC.  For other Top Level Domains (TLD’s) we simply follow what the sponsoring registrar uses – this is normally via an EPP code.

Occasionally we transfer domains away to other providers.  We try to make the transfers as quick and as simple as possible and transfers away are normally at no cost however, we reserve the right to make a small administrative charge if necessary – e.g. if the domain has to be renewed before or upon transfer etc.

We broker domains and can act as a trusted third party providing escrow services if necessary.

*Where we receive a request for a domain to be transferred to our tag, conditions apply.  Please read these carefully before initializing the transfer process.